Thursday, 27 December 2012

Make Up Sex With Ex Lover

Tongue Fucking his Ass
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Ever have a super hot lover, and wonder why the two of you ever broke up?

I had one, years and years ago, and it was like every week we would break up. Honestly, it was like clock work actually.

On Wednesday some argument would break out, and on Thursday we were no longer a couple.

Friday night we’d be out at the local bar consoling our depression and cruising for a replacement, and yet, somehow invariably he would wind up at my table, buying me drinks, and just staring.

By the end of the night we were suddenly a couple again, in heat and long before “last call” we were in the backseat of a Taxi heading back to either his place, or mine, where we would barely get in the door and have the clothes flying off.

Damn the sex was fucking hot those Friday Nights.

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I am becoming quite fond of Max Carter.

First off, I love his body. It isn’t overly developed, I mean he is thin and not a lot of bulging muscles, though he looks very fit, very well toned. Even the tattoos seem to be tasteful, and rather enhance his look, least for this crappy old fart. Hey, I am not a fan of tattoos on Twinks, but on Max, damn I am liking them.

Course I do love his athletic abilities, and okay, yes I am in love with that cute ass and tasty looking cock of his.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

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I knew I had to taste this cock. Slowly I broke the kiss and knelt in front of my older lover. I held his cock and balls gently in one hand and gazed at the swollen rod, hard and pointing at my face

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I felt my asshole open as his cock head moved
 in. His cock was not to thick and not too long it was filling my ass perfectly and felt just as good. The cock head was in and old man slowly worked his full shaft in all the way

Slowly, old man pushed into me. He was holding my hips now, guiding me. Inch by inch, I felt like a huge log was splitting my ass. The pain was agonizing, but I told him to keep feeding me his cock

I’d never cum that hard or without touching my cock. His old cock in my ass made it even stronger. My lover's deep thrusts went a few more time and then he moaned loudly and unloaded his cock right in my ass

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